Monday, 9 July 2012

"We're busy studying"

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy ! 

Woahhhhhhh. Opened this blog on January and now it's already July. How time flies. PMR IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! OHMYYY. Due to busy schedule, it's kinda hard to find much time to update our "beloved" blog #more like abandoned blog :p

Nevermind.. After we're free from any exams, we will make sure to update more on our lives as Amalians. So, keep calm guyssss! Woots!

Anyways.. if you ask us..

"What is Amalians aim now?"

"How will you get THAT?"


Yeahhh. We'll study and pray hard for our lives!

Oh yea! Just to inform everyone..

Kelas 3S - Senyum, Sayang dan Salam!



Salam \m/

photo credits: UBK Kolejku.

We hope to do the best! We pledge to try our best to make our country, family, ourselves, and everyone else PROUD! :) 

Have a great day and live life to the fullest! ^__^

peacee! v^_^v

feel free to leave your word of wisdom, tips, etc at the comment box! :D

OKBAI. Til the next entry! v^_^

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